Optony Finds 31% Building Portfolio Energy Reduction Potential in Jiangsu Province

Wujin, China | June 2014

In Q4 2013 through Q2 2014, the SEBIZ team conducted commercial building energy audits for 46 facilities across 11 sites in the Wujin National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, which covered nearly 9 million square feet of total floor area. The goals of the energy audits were twofold: 1) benchmark current energy usage in order to quantify future savings and 2) identify high-potential opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE) technology deployment.

The SEBIZ team identified four high-impact clean energy technologies: solar PV, LED lighting, building energy management systems, and EV charging stations. There are additional clean energy and smart grid project development opportunities, but the SEBIZ project scope focuses on the top opportunities that are immediately actionable. If all recommendations were implemented the impact would be a 31% net reduction in electricity consumption and carbon emissions, which totals approximately 16 GWh and 13,500 tCO2 annually. If these results were extrapolated to include the entire district, city, or even province, the impact could significantly contribute to the region’s achievement of its energy and environment goals under China’s 12th Five Year Plan.

Through on-the-ground technical assistance provided by Optony Inc. through the generous support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), participating building owners received individual Energy Action Reports that summarize findings from the energy audits, present the results of energy data analysis, and provide detailed information regarding EERE project opportunities. Now, SEBIZ participants have the information necessary to take action and pursue recommended EERE projects. The SEBIZ team will continue to provide support and facilitate project development through 2014.

Next Steps

Now that SEBIZ participants have received the information necessary to take action and pursue recommended EERE projects, the SEBIZ team is continuing to provide support and facilitate project development through the issuance of a SEBIZ Request for Information & Qualifications on behalf of the commercial building owners.  The desired outcome of this RFI is to establish contractual relationships between buyers and vendors for current and future clean energy project development opportunities.