No-cost Technical Assistance

Optony and the U.S. Department of Energy
in efforts to decarbonize the industrial sector.

Optony was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy, DOE, as the provider for the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) program for the Western Region of the United States. The purpose of the TAP is to provide DOE-funded direct technical assistance for industrial facilities and other large energy users to support on-site energy project development for site-specific needs. The Western Region TAP is offering evaluations to industrial facilities and other large energy users on:

  • Viable technologies to adopt for on-site renewable energy
  • Funding opportunities and sources to support implementation of projects

This study will examine the following technologies: battery storage, combined heat and power, district energy, geothermal, industrial heat pumps, renewable fuels, solar PV, solar thermal, thermal storage, and wind.

Transitioning to clean energy can lower costs, reduce emissions, and improve resilience so facilities can operate more flexibly and efficiently. If you are an industrial manufacturer or a large energy user in our region (Arizona, Nevada, California, or Hawaii) or know an organization that can benefit from this service, please share this information and get in touch with us to learn ways we can help.

Check the official website and take advantage of DOE’s incentives to create a more sustainable future.