Optony partners with top consultants to create Distributed Energy Resources masterplan Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in the U.S.

Optony has joined a partnership of five top Bay Area consultancies and nonprofits to create a local resource assessment and business strategy for East Bay Community Energy (EBCE). EBCE is a CCA (sometimes called CCE, or Community Choice Energy authority), composed of twelve member jurisdictions in Alameda County, that will be providing energy procurement for more than one million customers in the County, starting in 2018.

The CCA strategy, known as the Local Development Business Plan (LDBP), will be created through the cooperative efforts of Optony, ALH Economics, EcoShift, The Offset Project, and Clean Coalition. Optony has focused on aggregated procurement and integrated resource planning (IRP), while the full team aims to tackle a broad range of challenges and opportunities, including rate-setting, job creation, infrastructure planning, energy storage, and community solar.

Optony believes that, by focusing on the business planning aspects of the development process, the local resource strategy can provide lower rates, increased reliability, and a more sustainable energy portfolio; all while helping to grow a community-wide ecosystem of advanced energy technology business and employment opportunities.