Solar in Your Community is Live

Optony services are now available through the SIYC marketplace, free to participating community solar teams through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) online voucher system.


Multiple Optony Consultants and Coaches are now available through the U.S. DOE’s online marketplace, which is designed to accelerate community solar in states across the nation, with a special focus on designated Low-to-Moderate Income communities. Optony will contribute to the success of community solar program by offering support services in program design review and technical planning for participating SIYC teams, with fees covered by DOE grants.


Recently, Optony kicked into high gear on this initiative, moving forward with a pioneering offer to SIYC teams under the Sustainable Energy Economic Development (SEED) Fund. The SEED Fund model allows teams to join forces in a collaborative procurement of renewable energy, which has shown reduced overhead cost and better contract terms for large solar PV system purchases.