Solar Feasibility Study and Solicitation for Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

In 2020, Optony was selected by the Catholic University of America to evaluate options for solar projects on two campus-owned parcels. The University’s existing on-campus electricity consumption is already offset by a combination of onsite solar and wind renewable energy credits. Therefore, the University did not intend to purchase or use the power generated by the proposed solar projects, but rather desired to invest in a project that would maximize University revenues and overall financial benefit. Optony completed two solar and energy storage feasibility studies, which included a comprehensive review of the renewable energy credit market in Washington D.C., interconnection limitations, energy off-taker options, and environmental regulations. In addition to a report detailing the physical constraints and opportunities for solar, a primary deliverable of the project was an Excel-based financial modeling tool that listed assumptions as changeable user inputs, and allowed the University to compare various solar system sizes across three financing and ownership structures. Optony is currently supporting the University through the procurement process and will continue to provide advising services in project developer evaluation and selection, contract negotiation, project commissioning, REC registration, and other early-stage project operations